Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mariah Carey got plastic surgery - before Bye Bye album

It’s ot a lie, yeah Mariah Carey got her Nose surgery and breast surgery before shooting her album song..Bye..Bye..

Very heart touching song!! I have seen this song many times on yahoo music and you know people, this song (bye bye) was standing on No.1 position in yahoo music almost 100 days or 3 months. There are many listeners of this song but some of the guys only watch video for watching Mariah’s new look. She is looking very hot in this album. I have many wallpapers of Mariah. And you know people; all is possible by plastic surgery.

I don’t know much about her but I heard that she was saying that this video (where she have got nose, cheeks and breast job) is milestone for my career. It is very nice to hear that now she has got a new look for herself.

Mariah Carey, beautiful and talented since we met her for the first time, and now there is a drastic change in her look. In these pictures you can see that her nose and cheeks look different from the beginning, some nose surgery and cheek implants could have lightened her career. And now on these one’s, her breast, first with an average size and a bit drooping depending to which pictures we see, now make us remember doll Barbie's breast, we love her anyway.

For future if she will take any surgery for herself or someone who relative to her. I wish they must go for Dallas coz Dallas plastic surgery is one of the good service provider site. I would like to see her on Dallas.

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