Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plastic surgery-Dallas going well

Recently I looked at all state or country which have many hospital or places of plastic surgery and I got Dallas is in the top on them. I wondered to know that the all services of Dallas is going very well and many people taking those service. Don't go for my blog's title; I know you thinking that he is belong from Dallas that's why he talking about Dallas but honestly, I always tell truth.

But if still you people are sucking to know about plastic surgery so forget anything and go for Dallas plastic surgery.

Today I am very tired to write anything. Recently enjoyed Diwali !!!

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you that I met my one friend,her name is Lata . She have plastic surgery from India and I am very surprise to look her. Coz before getting plastic surgery her lips going down and we all used to make her fun. And now she looking sexy and beautiful. Haven't know where from she got her plastic surgery but I am totally crazy for beautiful face.

Now actually I am very fagged out so I can't write anymore. Well if you are daily visitor of this blog so wait for next post . I will post next thing soon..............good byeee.....

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lee said...

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