Thursday, October 16, 2008

Plastic surgery - Being Fashion in these days

Yeah it's true that these days plastic surgery is emerging as a Fashion statement as well as a status symbol.

Nobody is satisfied from one’s looks and doesn’t want to miss a chance to undergo plastic surgery. As you people know that all the Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses are gagging for plastic surgery coz they wanna raise their status in film industry, nonetheless, to remain on top of the Page-3. Some of those only wanna look right proportioned, I mean gorgeous as Rakhi Sawant. She boldly says that she often undergoes plastic surgery coz she wanna look glamorous.

Most of the people have same opinion but surgery’s cost is too high and not all people have enough money. For those people I want to tell that you can get plastic surgery at a low cost also. If you are from America then must go for Dallas and if you are from another country you can still contact any surgeon to Dallas. Dallas plastic surgery site has a lot much information about every surgeon and every hospital of Dallas so must go for that site. Here I would like to suggest that even if surgery has become a fashion, if you already have beautiful body then avoid getting surgery.

O_o why are you thinking like this, hey cheer up!!!

Don’t get confused. It’s just simple to decide whether you are beautiful or your look cool than avoid and if you think any part of your body looks ugly than must get plastic surgery. Surgery is the one of the good things which can change your entire look, I was thinking that I should go for surgery once again but my doctor says that you’ve already got surgery recently so you must keep a gap for next surgery. But you guys don’t worry; you can go through anytime, if it’s your first time.

Let me know when you will go for surgery? Take care ……

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